Baby Box I802

Item No:5IN1 I802



Effect:ICE SUMMER BABY GIFT BOX .Cute Baby Bedtime Oil: Apply high quality mineral oil, can be easily absorbed and leaves skin a protection layer on surface, can effectively locks water and avoid wrinkle and stimulation, it can also soften baby’s head dirt. Cute Baby Shampoo: The new moist hydra formula, can moisturise tender hair of baby, the neutral PH value formula, pure and mild, cares baby’s tender hair, making it soft and smooth.The special “No Tear formula”, pure and mild, the neutral PH value formula hardly stimulates baby’s eyes and tear duct, the abundant and fair foam do better clean, suit for every day use. Cute Baby Lotion: The fresh moist formula is mild and fresh, can effectively moisturize baby’s tender skin and clean skin, can remove oil and excrement that water can hardly clean away,it avoids stimulation to baby hips caused by urine. It is also suitable for moisturizing your body, the fresh moist formula can used daily, make your skin fresh and comfortable. Cute Baby Powder: The new formula baby powder has double effect, anti-powder and anti-itch, contains natural mint and eucalypt foliage oil factor, cool and fresh, can cure heat spot effectively and remove surplus damp of skin, making baby skin comfortable and smooth. Cute Baby soap: Special formula designed for babies, adopts the quality material and through a series of strict professional skin tests. We can ensure the purity and mildness of every bar ICE SUMMER babies products which will never irritant, and bring the baby’s skin with safer care. FOR BABY GIFT BOX.