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3in1 Box I593

Item No:Three In One Set

Net:250ml Shampoo+200ml Conditioner+100ml

Flavor:Olive、Mix Fruit、Garlic、Egg、Honey

Effect:SHAMPOO containing selected natural extract liquid, and synthesis moisturizing factors and other factors, it can quickly penetrate the inner hair, constantly moisturizing hair and improve the hair quality, displaying the bright and charming luster, and bringing smooth and silk-like feelings. CONDITIONER contains natural essence amino acid factor positive ion and vitamin complex, can moisturize hair and make curled and dyed hair brighter and more elastic. It repairs damaged hair and make your hair smooth fresh and easy to comb .  BODY LOTION contains natural essence, mineral and active coagulated ingredients, it can effectively lock water in skin, keep your skin soft, smooth and tender every day.

Olive 3in1 Shampoo I401

Item No:I503



Effect:Containing natural olive extract and brighten factors, it can supply abundant nutrition and water to hair, relieve the problem of dry, coarse, forked and knotted hair, help enhance brightness of hair, keep hair lustrous, beautiful with elasticity. And it can deeply nourish hair- root, firmly lock nourishment inside the hair , improve coarse and knotted hair, keep hair smooth and straight, presenting soft, strong and elegant silk-like hair!